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J3 Cold Pressed Juice

J3 Cold Pressed Juice
J3 Cold Pressed Juice
J3 Cold Pressed Juice



Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing J3 Cold Pressed Juice! 



Our juices are 100% cold-pressed. Cold pressed process extracts juices up to 5 times more nutrients than the centrifugal juicer by minimizing oxidization. With that being said, you can enjoy the maximum benefits from the fruits and vegetables in your juice.

Unlike most of the juices in the market, we do not add water, sugar and preservatives to the juices.

We never heat our juice! Once the juice is cold pressed and bottled, a high pressure (approx 5x of what's found in the deepest part of the ocean) is applied. It ensures food safety while retaining the natural goodness.

Approximately 400 grams of fruits and vegetables are being washed thoroughly and cold pressed into 1 bottle of 250ml juices.

Nuts, fruits vegetables & exotic fruits such as pomegranate are cold-pressed to provide the nutrients, enzyme, antioxidizing properties and other benefits.


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* A gentle reminder to review details of your order before selecting the "Submit Order" button below.

i. Personal Details

ii. Delivery Address

iii. Delivery Date and Time

iv. The selection of our menu.

We will schedule to prepare and deliver all orders solely based on the above details you provided. These details will also be clearly reflected in our CONFIRMATION email which will be sent to the email address you specified. Understandably, we cannot be held responsible for any losses, whatsoever if the order was unable to be diligently fulfilled due to any inaccurate information you provided.

* Please do not refresh this page, or hit the back button during the checkout process.

* Please note that there will be no change, cancellation, or refund for all orders received.

* Should any circumstances arise that you need to postpone (1 time only) your order, please send your request to [email protected] 7 days before your original scheduled date and our team will be in touch with you within the next 3 working days.

1.    Corporate & Large Orders

For corporate and larger orders of more than 50 juices, please get in touch with our team at contact@j3juice.sg at least 5 working days in advance so that we can schedule on time to prepare your order.

2.    Delivery, Island-wide

Deliveries will be made between 11am - 1pm, 2pm - 4pm, 4pm - 6pm.

* We will try our best to accommodate to special delivery instructions upon request but unable to make such guarantees. We seek your understanding in this matter. 

* Upon arriving at the delivery address, our drivers will contact you with the contact number provided.

* In the event that any delivery is unable to be fulfilled at the specified address you provided due to any reason (e.g. unable to contact you, no show, no entry to premise etc), our assigned delivery personnel will wait for a maximum of ten minutes while trying to contact you before he/she understandably leave the juices (in the cooler bag)  at your delivery location and keep you posted on the juice location (ie doorstep, risers, neighbours, etc) through call/ sms, as there is no reschedule delivery nor refund for the juices and we will treat it as transaction end.

* Once placed in the said location, we are not responsible for lost or stolen juices, or juices that have turned bad as a result of leaving them out for extended periods of time.

3.    Deadlines for Ordering

Please place your order 5 days in advance to allow us having sufficient time getting ready for your orders.

* Only clearly specified orders which are fully paid will be able to be processed.

* A finite number of orders will be accepted each day on a first-come-first-serve basis. We regret to turn down orders beyond our operational threshold to avoid the risk of poorly-fulfilled orders.

4.    Payments

We accept payments via Stripe using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Debit cards, Delta, Electron, Eurocard and Maestro.

* You do not require a Stripe account to be able to make payments using any of the above cards. Payment instructions will be provided during the payment process.

5.    Refund Policy

We reserves the right to impose a $1 admin fee on all amounts refunded to customers. This fee is imposed and deducted by our third party service provider. You are strongly encouraged to check the details of your order such as the date & time of delivery as well as the accuracy of the ordered items before making the payment. We should not be held responsible for processing orders which were meant to executed otherwise from the details received.

6.    Storage & Consumption

Keep all juices and nut milks refrigerated between 1 to 4 degree Celsius at all time before consuming as they are not being heat pasteurized. Our juices have gone thru non-heat high pressured which breaks down the cells of the bacteria, virus, yeasts, molds and parasites present in food, hence extends the shelf-life while retaining the nutrients, color, and flavor of the juices. Hence the juices are able to last for at least 7 days from the day we deliver. Please note that overloaded fridge will shorten the shelf life.

* For more information about high pressured you may refer to the link below


Shake the juices before drinking as it will naturally separate after some time due to the fact that it contains different ingredients and no stabilizer added.

* Do take note that Nut Milk goes bad very quickly if the refrigerator is not cold enough.

7.    Others

* We reserve the right to turn down orders for any reason as deemed appropriate by the team.

* All visuals shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual products may differ. 

Only one promotional code can be used at each checkout. We reserve the right to turn down orders with multiple promotional codes at one checkout.

* We reserve the right to make any changes to all prices and terms & conditions at any time, from time to time.